Traveling Tuesday...... Foxtrot & Snowies

January 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After an absolutely filthy cold and rainy day yesterday, today was sunny and bright and a good day to get out of dodge.  So a friend and I headed south to Island Beach State Park to see if we could find any Snowy Owls or Foxes, and indeed we found both.  The park serves as a refuge for many different types of birds, and happily for me, foxes.  So much so that I was advised to have my camera ready before entering the park as they pop out of the underbrush as cars pass by.

Young Dog Fox.

This young male, or 'dog' fox was the first we spotted by the roadside, scavenging for food.  The park foxes are sadly very fearless of humans and some approach looking for hand outs.  Please, if you go, DO NOT FEED them!!!!! This can't be emphasized enough, these creatures need to learn how to hunt for mice etc.  They are easy enough to photograph without bait.

Hunting Vixen This lovely vixen (female)  was in the same territory as the male above, and while the 'visiting' season has begun I don't think he was her suitor..... he looks young enough to be her offspring from a spring litter.  After watching her forage for a while we moved on.  It is important to give these animals there space, and while fascinating to watch, we should not inhibit their natural actions.

Further along the beach road, we stopped at a small lot and walked to the beach.  It was while on this walkway we spied a Snowy Owl perched on a far dune, scanning for prey.  A short walk down the beach to a better vantage point we were able to watch this majestic bird patiently wait for something to cross his gaze for dinner.  Sadly we did not see him take flight, but so awesome to see.  I will post a photo in a future blog.  My lens was really not long enough to do him justice, but very exciting to see him all the same.

My last fox photo of the day is a huge yawn by another dog (male) fox who popped out into a parking area while we were organizing gear and getting ready to pack up.  He was quite the fellow and watched us as intently as we watched him.  But he grew weary of us as we had no hand outs, so with  a big yawn, a dismissive shake of his tail he slunk off into the underbrush.  We were just not interesting enough for him. So taking the hint, we packed it in and headed home under blues skies and a stiff and cold breeze.

My what big teeth you have! A young dog fox yawns at the photographer, humans are just soooo boring......





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